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Columbus Summer Wedding Guide

Summer Wedding tips in Columbus

Since we are finally in the summer months, I figured what a perfect time to talk about a Columbus Summer wedding guide! Each season will bring different elements that you will need to consider for your wedding. A summer wedding sounds lovely in Ohio, but there are things that you should consider before planning.

The summer months here in Columbus, Ohio can be busy season for weddings, especially in June! The weather is perfect because it’s not too hot or cold. Although, since we are in Ohio, the weather can be unpredictable. One thing I can’t stress enough is having a rain plan. If you’re planning on having an outdoor ceremony or reception, there are always the chances of it raining, so you need to be prepared and have a plan in place. Often times your venue will include a rain plan in your package, so when looking at venues, definitely ask what their backup plan would be.

With your wedding being in the summer, you should consider the location of your ceremony spot. Even if you and your soon-to-be husband are in the shade, your guests may not be, and having the hot sun blasting on them is never fun. If you know ahead of time that your guests will be sitting in direct sunlight, consider offering a few things to them like a signature cold drink, water stations, sunglasses, or even mini fans. Your guests would really appreciate that!

In the summertime, there will typically be festivals, concerts, and fairs. Some of these events can be pretty big in Columbus and that’s something to consider when choosing a wedding date. For example, Red, White, and Boom happens (almost) every year a few days before July 4th. This event brings in tons of people from out of town which means, hotel prices will increase. You don’t want that for your out-of-town guests! A few other key events to take into consideration would be The Ohio State Fair, opening day for The Ohio State Buckeyes, and Pelotonia. These events can lead to the city being extremely busy, more traffic, and maybe even streets closed.

A few other things to consider is that if you’re having an outdoor reception, the wedding cake can melt if it’s too hot outside! Yikes! That would be a disaster! So my suggestion is to keep it indoors where it is nice and cool and then designate your wedding planner, caterer, or someone you trust to move it outside about 10 minutes before you cut the cake. A fun idea to keep your guests cool would be getting an ice cream truck! I can eat ice cream year-round, but what a fun novelty to bring to your wedding. I highly suggest hiring The Ice Cream Social! They bring a vintage caravan to your reception and serve different flavors of ice cream, it’s seriously the cutest! My last tip for you is to remember to stay hydrated!! This is also important for your wedding party as well!

The Best Columbus Wedding Venues in Summer

Are you curious what the prettiest wedding venues are in Columbus during the summer months? I definitely recommend looking at Brookshire, Swan Lake Event Center, Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, and The Club at Tartan Fields. All of these venues have lovely grounds with colorful florals to beautify your pictures. They’ve all got the perfect spot for an outdoor ceremony.

If you’re planning a summer wedding for 2022, I highly suggest you book your wedding vendors ASAP! I’m hearing there is a “wedding boom” erupting because everything is opening back up with little to no restrictions on weddings, and therefore, couples are finally planning their weddings for 2021, 2022, and even 2023! With everyone wanting to plan their wedding, vendors are booking up extremely fast. Whether there’s a wedding boom going on, it’s never too early to book your vendors.
I hope this Columbus summer wedding guide was helpful and gives you several ideas to consider when planning your wedding!

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