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Places to Propose in Savannah GA – The Ultimate Guide

So you’ve bought an engagement ring for your significant other and are now ready to start planning the perfect proposal! First of all, congratulations because this is such an exciting stage in your love story! If you’re searching for places to propose in Savannah, GA look no further.

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Documenting your proposal will provide professional photos to show your family and friends. The genuine emotions I will capture in this moment are always so precious. Whether you’re from Savannah or planning a vacation here, there are so many great location choices for you. Let’s dive in!

Locations to Propose in Savannah GA:

Before you decide on a location to ask the love of your life to marry you, consider your relationship and who you are as a couple. If your partner doesn’t like the beach, then Tybee probably wouldn’t be the best place to propose. I can help you decide which location would be best once I learn more about the two of you! Below are some of my favorite spots for places to propose in Savannah GA:

Places to Propose in Savannah GA

Fountain at Forsyth Park:

This is one of the most iconic spots you could pick for your proposal. Forsyth Park has a majestic feeling to it. It’s a dreamy location with all the oak trees, flowers, and a fountain. One important thing to note about this location is that while it is beautiful, it will be really busy! This park is bursting with locals working out and tourists checking it out, so when it’s time for you to propose, there won’t just be you two.

Places to Propose in Savannah GA

Wormsloe Plantation:

If you want a romantic and intimate location for your Savannah proposal, I recommend Wormsloe Plantation. The lined drive with live oaks and Spanish Moss is the dreamiest backdrop. When choosing this location, you can tell your significant other you’ve scheduled a tour and a nice lunch/dinner afterward. It’s easy to get them dressed up with this plan! I always suggest you wait to get down on one knee until any cars have passed so they don’t interrupt the moment. 

Places to Propose in Savannah GA

Tybee Island:

The beach is always a great spot to pop the question, and Savannah conveniently has a beach only 15 minutes away – Tybee Island. If you want a background with a little more to it than just sand and the ocean, I have two recommendations: The Tybee Island Lighthouse and Tybee Pier. Both spots make for amazing photos! If you choose to do it at the Pier, please note that it will most likely be very busy, depending on the time you go. I suggest grabbing a nice dinner and then saying that you’d like to take a walk on the beach at sunset.

River Street:

There may be no better place to photograph Savannah than this one if you are looking for a location to prove you were here. A busy street full of shops, restaurants, and tourists. Consider doing the proposal with the Talmadge Bridge in the background to avoid busyness. This would make for a true Savannah proposal, and if you’re lucky, you might have a container ship in the background! 

One of Savannah’s 22 Squares:

The city of Savannah is laid out in a grid system, which you may not know if you are visiting on vacation. There are 22 squares around the city, each with something unique. One of my absolute favorite squares is Whitefield Square. This beautiful spot has a charming white gazebo, and it is usually not too crowded, so it is ideal for an intimate time with your significant other. You could choose from other squares with lovely fountains, such as Lafayette Square, Columbia Square, and Orleans Square

Places to Propose in Savannah GA

Savannah Theatre:

This is such a fun location to choose for your proposal! If you contact the Savannah Theatre, you can get them to add to their marquee, *name, will you marry me?* Located just around the corner from Chippewa Square, you could walk around first and then head towards the theatre. Even if your significant other suspects you’re proposing, they will be surprised to see their name on the marquee! Why not tell the whole world when you love someone and want to spend the rest of your life with them?! 

Savannah Proposal Ideas:

After you’ve popped the question and you’re officially engaged, you might wonder how to celebrate! 

Proposal Photographer Savannah GA:

I would love to be part of your proposal and be able to photograph all of the memories from this fantastic moment! We can work together to choose from the list of places to propose in Savannah GA which would make the most sense for your relationship. My proposal photography packages start at $600. Not only will you get the proposal photographed, but then we can do a 30-minute session afterward! You’ll get sneak peeks that day to share and post the photos and tell everyone the exciting news. Send me an inquiry, and we can plan the perfect Savannah proposal!

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