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Must-Knows About Getting Married in Columbus

Getting Married in Columbus

Getting Married in Columbus

If you’re planning to get married in Columbus, Ohio, first I want to say congratulations on your engagement! Wedding planning can be so much fun, but also stressful at times. As a wedding photographer, I always want my brides (and future brides) to know that I am always here for them! I try to give my brides all the resources they might need. A few months ago, I talked about The Top Months to Get Married in Columbus, but today, I’m chatting about the must-knows about getting married in Columbus! Let’s dive in!

Getting Your Marriage License in Ohio

First things first…the most crucial piece of getting married is your marriage license! This piece of paper is what makes everything official! Without one, you can’t get married. If you and your significant other live in Ohio, you will need to go to the probate office in your county. If you don’t live in Ohio, you will need to go to the probate office in the county where you will be married. To obtain a marriage license, you will need documentation for proof of identification and age, such as a driver’s license or passport. It’ll also cost anywhere between $40-$75. Once you have your marriage license, you then have exactly 60 days after that to get married! Some counties have different rules than others, so double check before you apply!

Big Events in Columbus

There are at least three significant events in Columbus that you should consider before you decide upon a date. The first is Ohio State Football games. These, of course, bring in lots of fans from out of town; however, you’ll want to steer clear of the Ohio State vs. Michigan game day. This can drive hotel prices up and make them sell out quickly. Whatever day you choose, if Ohio State plays at home that Saturday, be sure to get your block of rooms asap!

Another huge event is the Columbus Marathon. This is always held in October on a Sunday in downtown Columbus. This event closes down streets and makes traffic a nightmare. A couple of years ago, I worked the front desk at The Westin and had to work at 7 am. Luckily for me, the streets were still open, but they were getting ready to close them. If you’re getting married on the day of the marathon, and your wedding is downtown, make sure your vendors are aware of the street closures that day.

The Arnold Classic is another huge event held in Columbus. This is usually held in March, and hotels book up quickly. It brings in a lot of traffic to the Short North and downtown areas. Restaurants are busier than usual, parking is hard to find, and hotel prices skyrocket.

Of course, there are tons of other events in Columbus that happen every year, but these are the three highly attended events to consider. Once you’ve picked a wedding date, do a quick search of any events happening on that day so you can be prepared for how it may affect your big day.

Avoid the winter months

Ohio can have rough winter months with freezing cold temperatures, tons of snow and ice, and dreary days. If you’re like me, and you can’t stand the winter, then I highly suggest avoiding a winter wedding. These months can include December, January, February, and even March! Now, I have to say that winter weddings are unique and not common here, and I think they can be stunning!  Check out Jorgensen Oak Grove and The Ohio State House. These two beautiful wedding venues are perfect if you’re having a winter wedding. You can have your ceremony and reception inside both places with it still attractive and not dark inside.

Great wedding vendors

Columbus has some of the best wedding vendors around town! If you’re planning a Columbus wedding, here are some of the vendors you should book! Wedding Venue: Magnolia Farm Hill | Hair + Makeup: Le Reve Makeup & Hair | Florist: The Flowerman | DJ: Luminary Productions | Dress Shop: La Jeune Mariee

These are just some of the must-knows of getting married in Columbus. Just know that your wedding is what you make of it. All the time you’ve spent planning your wedding will pay off, and it will be amazing! 

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