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Columbus Fall Wedding Guide

Columbus Fall Wedding Guide

Fall is almost here so that means it’s time to chat about my Columbus Fall Wedding Guide! Fall is such a busy season in people’s lives, but it also happens to be one of the busiest times for weddings. People choose to have their wedding in the fall because there are so many things they love about this season. From the weather to the beautiful changing leaves, there are many ways you can plan a beautiful fall wedding.


Fall weather can impact your wedding day and it’s something you need to have in the back of your mind when planning. When you think of fall weather here in Columbus, you think of a nice sunny day, with a few clouds and then ending the evening with a crisp cool night. Most of the time, you won’t find a lot of rain during the fall months. However, it is Ohio, so you can never be quite sure! If you’re having an outdoor wedding, I highly suggest having a backup plan in place, just in case the weather was to be bad. 

With talk of the weather, if you’re having an outdoor wedding, it can be chilly out, so I suggest offering blankets for your guests to cover up with during the ceremony and reception. This is such a cute and thoughtful idea! You can have a sign that says “to have and to hold in case you get cold.” Your guests will feel appreciated if you do this. You should also consider getting your bridesmaids shawls they can wrap around their arms. I was in my best friend’s fall wedding last year and I had one of these and was glad I had it!

Some things to consider…

Fall time starts the big holiday season. You’ve got Halloween, Thanksgiving, and then Christmas. These are dates you should steer away from because your guests might already have plans for the holiday. Another consideration is…football!!! Let’s face it, if you’re having a wedding in Columbus, then your guests are probably Buckeye fans, and we love our game days. So If there’s a big game on the day of your wedding, I’d consider having a tv available for game watchers.

The color palettes you can use for your fall wedding are always aesthetically pleasing!  The oranges, burgundy, and navy colors all blend well with fall foliage. However, if you want your wedding colors to be unique, think about picking gold or neutrals. You can also add metallic touches to your invitation, menu, etc. 

Because everyone loves food…

Let’s talk about two things your guests really care about, food and beverages! Wedding food can sometimes be iffy, so a fun idea is to have seasonal foods. Thanksgiving food is everyone’s favorite! Since fall time brings pumpkin spice, apple spice, soup season, and warm drinks, why not incorporate those things into your menu? You could have a soup bar, with all different kinds of soups, and instead of having cake for everyone, have different kinds of pies! And, if you’re planning on having a signature drink, consider having a warm drink like a Bourbon Spiced Cider, or a Carmel Apple Hot Toddy. 

One last piece of advice I have is to remember that daylight savings time ends! This means the sun will be setting earlier, so if you’re having an evening ceremony, you’ll definitely need to get your photos done before the ceremony. 

So with all of that being said, that’s my Columbus Fall Wedding Guide! Like I mentioned fall is a popular season to get married in, so it’s essential to book your vendors sooner rather than later!

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