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Fun Seating Chart Ideas

So you’re planning a wedding, and you’re not sure if you should have a seating chart at your reception or not. The thought of creating a seating chart might overwhelm you, and I understand. In the long run, a seating chart can be beneficial for your reception. So let’s dive into why it’s important, as well as a few ways you could display the chart!

What is a Seating Chart?

A seating chart is going to list all of your guests names and the table number you have them sitting at. Having a seating chart is optional, and not something you have to do. A seating chart helps the flow of getting your guests to their seats. There won’t be any awkward encounters over a table or seats because they will already be assigned. As the bride and groom, you know who will get along with who, and you can pair together families, friends, work friends, and possibly a  kids table. It’s a way to keep your reception organized. Think of it as that table is your guests spot for the next few hours, and they won’t have to worry about getting up and losing their seats. I highly suggest having your chart be in alphabetical order and put the table number next to the name. This is helpful for your guests so they aren’t just standing at the chart trying to find their name. There are TONS of fun ideas for a seating chart!

Fun Seating Chart Ideas:

Now comes the fun part in deciding how you are going to display the chart. This will be one of the first things your guests see when they walk into the reception space, so why not wow them?! Each type of wedding has its own theme, so make sure that your seating chart falls in the same theme as your overall wedding. One of my favorite ways to do a seating chart is to get a mirror and have someone do calligraphy on it. This is such a whimsical and romantic way to provide this information to your guests. Another idea is using wood or a window frame if your wedding is rustic. An elegant way to display your chart is by putting the information on a big vintage picture frame. A few other ideas is: acrylic, chalkboard, geometric shapes, or even having a scroll.

As I mentioned earlier, if you desire fancy lettering, then consider hiring a calligrapher! They will take your seating chart and make it look topnotch. Here are just a few of my favorite calligraphers: Whimsically Warm, BB Letters, and Lupine Letters.

Most of my couples have utilized seating charts, so here are a few pictures to show you some of the fun seating charts that I have been able to photograph!

Fun Seating Chart Ideas
Fun Seating Chart Ideas
Fun Seating Chart Ideas

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