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Switching Ideas for Your First Look

Switching ideas for your first look

Last week I talked about the reasons why you should consider a first look with your groom. But if you want to stay traditional and don’t want to see each other before the ceremony, I understand!! There are alternatives you could do if you want to share an intimate moment with your soon to be spouse before the ceremony! You could also do a first look with other people who mean the world to you!

One of the more popular choices other than a first look is a “first touch.” A first touch is when the groom on one side of a door or corner and the bride on the opposite side. You will not see each other, but you are still able to hold hands and talk to each other before the ceremony! I have seen many people do this in place of a first look. I’ve also seen couples will pray together when they are holding hands. This sweet touch to your day can be as long as you would like!

The second idea is similar to a first touch, but using two chairs faced back to back. A cute touch to this idea is writing personal vows and reading them to each other. Some couples love the idea of writing your own vows, but don’t want to read them in front of all their guests…which I totally understand!! So instead, you could read them to each other before the ceremony and in private.

Switching ideas for your first look

A third idea is to get each other a gift. Have your maid of honor and best man deliver your gifts to your soon-to-be spouse. You could include a letter with the gift saying how much you love each other and you cannot wait to see each other at the alter!

If you like the idea of a first look, but you’re just still not comfortable doing it with your guy, another option is doing it with another special person in your life like your dad, mom, grandpa, or even your bridesmaids! I love seeing the reactions of your loved ones during first looks. Whether it’s dads crying, or your bridesmaids in awe of how beautiful you look.

No matter who you choose to do a first look with, these are all ideas you could get of some really sweet pictures. At the end of the day, it is your wedding day and you can literally choose to do whatever you want!! Do you want a first look with your bridesmaids, groom, and dad? Then do it. The sky is the limit!

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