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Why You Should do a First Look

The first look between a bride and groom… I feel like you either love the idea or you’re not a fan at all!! I absolutely love when couples decide to do a first look. But I also understand choosing to stay traditional, by waiting to see each other when the bride walks down the aisle. So why should you do a first look? Let me dive into the 5 reasons why I absolutely think they are worth doing!

If you do a first look before the ceremony, it can save you time on your wedding day. This will give you time to do (almost) all of the pictures beforehand, and then after the ceremony, you can enjoy cocktail hour with your guests.

One of the best things about a first look is it can be an intimate moment between just you and your soon-to-be husband. No one else has to be around (except the photographers!) This might be the only time that the two of you are alone on your wedding day.

When you decide to have a first look, you will receive almost 40% more portraits than you typically would! How awesome is that?! We have much more time do portraits of just the two of you and we won’t have to worry about rushing right into the reception. Who wouldn’t want more portraits of the two of you, especially when you look amazing!

One of your concerns may be that your guy might react differently when you do a first look. So let’s consider though that when you walk down the aisle and you stand beside him…the officiant is there, as well as all your guests. Will he be able to convey to you, in his truest self, how stunningly gorgeous you look? Maybe, maybe not. However with a first look, the both of you are able to embrace each other, talk, and enjoy a few minutes alone. So, yes, with a first look, the groom will see you before the ceremony. But when you walk down the aisle, his emotions are still just as high because you are about to become his beautiful wife!

And finally, the last benefit that I will mention, is seeing each other already will help calm (most of) your nerves. Since you’ve seen each other and spent time together, most of your nerves will be gone for the both of you, which is a bonus!

If you’re debating a first look, I hope I’ve given you some things to consider that will help make your mind up. Regardless what you choose, you’re day will be fascinating and one of the most memorable days of your life!

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