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Top 3 Favorite Getting Ready Locations

As you plan your getting ready location for your wedding day, have you considered locations? Although this may not be a top priority to you, it’s something you need to have in mind for your hair and makeup artist, photographer, and videographer. Let’s dive into some of the things you should consider, as well as my top three favorite getting-ready location ideas!

When it’s time to choose a getting-ready location, you must have a well-lit space for your photos. Windows will be your best friend because of the natural light! Ideally, the more windows, the better. Having a decent amount of natural lighting will help your photographer, as well as your makeup artist. The makeup artist must have sufficient lighting so they can apply your makeup evenly. Another thing to remember is electric plugs in the room. Your hairstylist will need several outlets, as well as your makeup artist if they’re doing airbrushing, and some of you will also need outlets to charge your phones, Bluetooth speaker, etc.

If you’re getting married at a wedding venue, a bridal suite might be included in your rental, which is a great feature! However, I know some venues won’t allow you in the room until a specific time, which doesn’t always match your timeline. 

So, where should you search if you need a place to get ready the morning of your wedding? Usually, hotels are the prominent go-to spot, but you should also consider getting an Airbnb or renting a studio for a few hours.

Getting Ready Hotels in Columbus

First on my list is hotels that have a great getting-ready space. Not all hotels have perfect areas for the morning of your wedding day. If you’re getting a standard room, there’s usually only going to be one window and not enough space for your bridal party and vendors. There’s nothing worse than feeling cramped in a hotel room while getting ready for your big day. If you’re going to book a hotel room, consider booking a suite so it will be bigger and have more room to move around. One of the best getting-ready hotels in Columbus that I have seen is Le Meridien Columbus, The Joseph! I walked into the room my bride was getting ready in, and I was amazed at the space. She had a corner suite with floor-to-ceiling windows, tons of space with a couch, and even a big bathroom. Her getting-ready portraits are some of the favorites that I have ever taken! 

A few other hotels to check out in the Columbus area would be AC Hotel by Marriott, The Westin Great Southern Columbus, and Hilton Columbus at Easton. Once you’re finished getting ready, make sure everyone remembers their belongings, as well as ask housekeeping to turn down your room. That way, when you come back from your wedding, your room is all clean! 

Le Meriden, The Joseph
Getting Ready Locations

Airbnb or your home

The next option to get ready at is your home or renting an Airbnb! Like with the hotel, make sure that the house has plenty of windows, outlets, and space. Many Airbnb’s are adorably decorated and so cute, and sometimes they can be cheaper than a hotel room! If you’re getting ready at your home, more than likely, your photographer will find a corner that will work perfectly for those getting ready photos. Getting ready at your home makes the morning more convenient and gives you more room and being more personable.

Getting Ready Locations

Rent a Studio

The last option is renting out a studio! Le Reve Chateau is a fantastic studio located in downtown Westerville! This is the perfect getting-ready spot for you and your girls on the morning of your wedding day. This historic building has so much character and makes for excellent photos. When renting out the Chateau, they offer breakfast and mimosas…sign me up! The owner Hanna is also the owner of Le Reve Makeup and Hair. Since she is a hair and makeup artist, she understands the importance of having window light and tons of outlets, and another perk is there are three makeup chairs for people to sit. 

Getting Ready Locations

I hope these tips have helped you decide on a getting-ready location.

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