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Ideas for a Unity Ceremony

A unity ceremony is a symbolic intertwining during a couple’s wedding ceremony. It is the true meaning of two becoming one. The unity part of the ceremony can happen before or after your vows. A unity ceremony isn’t a necessary part of your wedding, but if you feel like you want to do one, there are many choices out there! Let me share with you a few examples…

One of the most popular unity ceremony ideas I have seen recently is the Braiding of the Cross. The Braiding of the Cross is a Christian unity using three strands. One strand represents the bride, one represents the groom, and one God. As a couple, you will take the time during your ceremony and tie the strands together. While you are braiding them, I suggest having soft music play during this time.

The second idea that represents unity is a Tree Planting ceremony. Tree planting symbolizes a couple’s deep love and relationship. During this ceremony, the couple would take a seedling and put it in abundant soil. This is a great idea because while your tree is growing, you are also watching your marriage grow. One of my couples last year did this during their wedding. I had their anniversary session a couple of months ago and it was amazing to see how much their tree had grown!

Another popular idea is the Sand Unity ceremony. This is another novel unity ceremony idea. Typically the bride takes sand from her vase and the groom takes sand from his and they combine their sand into one. Sometimes, they both use different colors to combine together. This is an especially popular ceremony to add into your wedding if children are involved. This symbolic tradition is a more visual representation of a couple or family becoming one.

I believe unity ceremonies are a beautiful token of a wedding. The ceremony can go by so quickly and be a blur, but coming together in a symbolic unity in front of your family and friends can give the both of you some time to yourself and really take in this beautiful moment of becoming one.

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