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Wedding Veil Tips

Let’s talk wedding veils! Wedding veils date back to ancient times as one of the oldest traditions of wedding attire. For some brides, a veil is a must have, but for others, it’s not as important. If you’ve chosen to wear a veil, shopping for one can probably be overwhelming! You have to choose your length, design, bling, fabric and beading. Ultimately, you have to be happy with the one you choose. So, let me share a few tips when shopping for a veil.

Believe it or not, there’s about seven different lengths of veils! The first three are pretty self explanatory. You have shoulder length, elbow length, and fingertip length. These options hit your shoulder, elbows, or your fingertips. These are three great options if you want a veil, but make sure you don’t go with a veil that’s too long. The next option is a waltz veil, which will go to your knees. Another great alternative is a chapel veil, which is floor length. The last one is cathedral, which creates a train-like look. If you are wanting a long flowing veil, I would definitely recommend getting one of the last three that I mentioned!

Wedding Veil Tips

My best friend recently got married and she didn’t have a train on her wedding dress. She wanted to wear a veil, but wasn’t sure what length to get. I told her since she didn’t have a train on her dress to go with a longer veil. She decided on cathedral length and it was absolutely gorgeous!

Cathedral Wedding Veil

The next thing to think about for your veil is all the adornments that you want, like lace or beading. No matter whether you choose a plain veil or one with ornamented details, it’ll be sure to add beauty to your look. If you’re wanting those epic veil pictures where your veil looks like it’s flying, then I would suggest staying away from heavy beading. Believe it or not, each veil is going to “fly” differently. The heavy beading can cause it to not fly the greatest. If you want design on your veil, but want these flying pictures, I would recommend going with lace!

Wedding Veil Tips

Is a long veil not your type of thing? No problem! There is also a birdcage veil that goes over your face. One new thing that I have been seeing is a bridal cape veil. This is a unique look that gives the same look as a normal veil. Instead of going in your hair, it wraps around your shoulders or neck.

Wedding Veil Tips

I hope after reading this you have a better understanding of all the different veils you can choose from. If you choose not to wear a veil, that’s ok too. We can still get some amazing shots without a veil! Remember, you’re creating your own personal look and bridal style. I love sharing bridal and wedding tips with you, so stay tuned for more to come!

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