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Why it’s Important to Capture Bridal Details

It’s always the small pieces that make the big picture. When I’m working with a couple, the first thing I photograph at their wedding is all of the bridal details! These details might include their rings, the wedding dress, jewelry, invitations, shoes, and perfume bottles. This is how I warm up on the wedding day and get my creative juices flowing!

Some brides might not see the importance to photograph their details, but let me share why I absolutely love capturing the intricate pieces of their wedding. These details might have special meaning to the couple, such as the bride is wearing her grandmother’s bracelet or they have customized wedding bands. It’s a memory that belongs to them and their wedding day.

I allow myself 30 to 45 minutes to photograph all of the pieces the couple has chosen to give me.  While I‘m photographing the details, my second shooter will be capturing the couple getting ready for their big day. This a great way for both of us to accomplish two things at once.

The bride and groom may decide they don’t have much to share…that’s totally okay! I will photograph whatever pieces they give me. The simple detail shot of their invitation suite and rings can still produce some gorgeous pictures! The biggest piece of advice regarding detailed pictures is to make sure all of items are gathered together in a separate bag. That way when I arrive, I can easily take the bag with me wherever I decide to do the detail pictures.

The smallest of details can allow the bride and groom to look back on their day and remember how special each piece meant to them heart.

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