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Getting Ready Robes on Your Wedding Day

There’s nothing like the morning of your wedding, as you gather together with your gal pals. Your hair and makeup are getting done, and it’s a relaxing, fun start to your big day. For anyone that’s had a big day to get ready for, you know it’s always best to wear something easy to take off after you’re all ready. It’s suggested to wear a button-up or wide neck shirt, so when it’s time to undress and put that beautiful gown on, you don’t mess up your hair or makeup. That’s why getting ready robes or even matching pajamas are a great idea for everyone to wear! Most of the times, brides will gift these the night before the wedding to her bridesmaids, flower girls, and maybe even moms…how cute is that?!

I think robes are an adorable touch to the “getting ready” portion of your wedding day. I always make sure that we have a few minutes to grab a few shots of you and the girls in your robes, flannels, or pajamas. These make for playful pictures to add to your final gallery!

If you are wanting to look for something similar to this, then I would suggest looking on Etsy! But because I love to share ideas to make it easier on you, here’s a few options for you. I think these floral silk robes would be adorable! If you want to go with a flannel, then check these out! For pajamas you could get something similar to these!

You could always make the robes, flannels, or pajamas more personalized by adding “bride” or initials to them. If you’re not interested in getting robes or pj’s, but want to do something smaller for your bridesmaids, then you could always get matching slippers, or even a cute cup that has “bridesmaid” on it!

Here are just a few of my favorite getting ready outfits that I have photographed!

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  1. […] Getting Ready Robes on Your Wedding Day […]

  2. […] Getting Ready Robes on Your Wedding Day […]

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