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Christmas Present Ideas

Tis the season to talk about Christmas presents!🎁 I tend to struggle sometimes knowing what to get people for Christmas. It’s no secret that you *may* have had your pictures taken this year, whether it be family pictures, senior, engagement, or wedding photos. But let me ask you…have you done anything with those pictures? Most people’s answer is probably no! I’ll admit, I am guilty of this myself. So let’s talk about what you could give people as Christmas presents with the pictures you had taken this year.

The first present idea is a canvas printed of your favorite picture from the session. I have several canvases around my house and I love how they turn out! I usually purchase them from CG Pro Prints. I am always very happy with the quality of the canvases and I think they are decently priced.

My second suggestion is to print a bunch of pictures from your session from Mpix. I always print my pictures from here. I understand it’s more convenient to go to Walgreen’s or Meijer to print out your photos, but the quality is not the greatest. Mpix is very affordable and is usually pretty fast with delivery. To make this an even nicer present, grab some neat picture frames to put the pictures in. Then whoever you gift these items to can create a gallery wall, something similar like this! You can find picture frames here

A third option would be a customized picture calendar for next year. I gift this to my grandma and grandpa each and every year. I collect pictures that we have taken throughout the year to include in the calendar. It is such a special gift for them that they really appreciate. I always print these calendars through Shutterfly. What I love about Shutterfly is that you can upload as many pictures as you want and they have customized templates you can choose from. You also can add sayings, graphics, and any important dates to the calendar. 

A fourth idea is a picture cube. This cube could hold pens, pencils, markers, etc. Last year, my mom wanted something similar to this and I had no idea if there was even something like this, but then I found one at Shutterfly! My mom absolutely loves it and has it on her desk.

My last suggestion is a smaller gift idea, but it‘s a personalized Christmas ornament. These are usually a popular hit with everyone. If you had a big event in your life this year like an engagement, wedding, a baby, etc., then you could use any of those pictures for an ornament. There are several places that print these, but sometimes the quality can be poor. I would recommend trying to print them from Shutterfly. 

Hopefully after reading this blog, you now have a few new ideas of what to get people for Christmas! Remember, sometimes it’s the small, sentimental gift that’s appreciated the most! Happy Shopping!🎄


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