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I’m Lexi, a wedding photographer based in Columbus, Ohio, and Savannah, Georgia, and I’m so glad you’re here. I’m a hopeless romantic with a big smile and a big heart for capturing incredible couples across the globe. I believe in capturing relationships in a timeless, romantic way while still having those effortless moments of joy in between. I value experience in life more than anything else, so it’s important to me to have a great experience for my couples that are undeniably in love. 



November 21, 2020

My Puppy Experience

My puppy experience

If you have been following me for the past 2 months, then you know that I recently got a Mini Goldendoodle named Savannah. I haven’t talked much about the process of getting her and what it has been like having a puppy while running a business! Let me tell ya, puppies are a lot of work!

Back in the summer, I had started thinking about getting a dog. I am allergic to dogs, so I knew that I needed to get a hypoallergenic dog. My mom and I have 2 miniature schnauzers, but I really wasn’t wanting to get another. I had fallen in love with the look of goldendoodles. I did all of my research, and then some! I found that there was a certain type of goldendoodle that wouldn’t bother my allergies. Then I found a breeder in southern Ohio who has been doing this for almost 20 years. I saw that he was having 3 different litters in August, so I decided to go for it and put a deposit down and get my name on the waiting list!

I was #17 on the waiting list, so I was a little nervous that I wouldn’t get a puppy from one of these litters. Fast forward to August and the breeder sent me a picture of 3 precious litters that had been born. There were 20 puppies, and I was #17 to choose my puppy…cue my nerves again. I knew that if I got lucky, I would be getting my little girl at the end of September or early October.

My puppy experience

At this point, I was super excited and wanted to know which puppy I was going to get. I had texted the breeder just to check-in and he told me that he would be contacting me in the next 2 weeks to schedule my time to pick up my puppy. Two days later he texted me asking if I was ready to pick up my puppy the next day!!! Y’all, my mouth dropped open when I read his message! There was no way that our house was ready for a puppy and I hadn’t really bought anything for her yet. He sent me a picture of her, told me about her personality, and said that she was the last female available. I had to work that weekend, so I wasn’t able to get her the next day, but we were able to a few days later!

My puppy experience

I had her name picked out before even seeing her. My family and I had thrown around some ideas but nothing was really clicking. I wanted to name her after something that really meant a lot to me. Somehow, my mom came up with Savannah. I instantly fell in love with it since I love Savannah, Georgia so much!! I knew it would be the perfect name for her.

My puppy experience

It has been a lot of work these past few months trying to juggle my business, school work and a puppy! But let me tell ya, she is totally worth it. Savannah is such a good dog. She loves to chase leaves, play with her toys, and is majorly attached to me. She can be very sassy at times, which is hilarious, so I call her sassy girl!

My puppy experience

I hope you have enjoyed reading about the process I went through to get Savannah! You will be seeing plenty more of her, trust me. And if you want to follow along, she does have an Instagram 😉

My puppy experience

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