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The Top Months to get Married in Columbus

Top Months To Get Married in Columbus

Are you recently engaged and undecided when to get married? Have you started looking into wedding dates only to realize there are certain months that are more popular to get married in. Or maybe you already have a date picked because it’s got special meaning to you and your fiancé. If you already have a date in mind, good for you! But if you don’t have a wedding date etched in stone, keep reading to learn more about the top months to get married in Columbus.


The most popular month to get married in Columbus is most definitely May! This is when wedding season officially starts for all of us wedding vendors. For me personally, it is usually the busiest month of the year. Many people want to get married in May because this is when the weather starts to become nicer, but not too hot yet! In May, the flowers and trees start to bloom, which gives a beautiful outside landscape for portraits. Because this is the most popular month, my advice to you is get your vendors booked now, if you haven’t already! It’s never too early to get those booked!


I would say that the second most popular month to get married is October! Again, this is a busy wedding month, probably because all of the leaves are changing colors and crispness in the air! Typically, couples don’t want to have weddings in the heat, so if you desire a wedding with a beautiful day and a cool breeze at night, then this would be the perfect month to get married. Plus, decorating for a fall wedding can go in several different directions by using pumpkins and mums or utilizing the deep rich colors of fall to make it look so rich and dreamy.


I’d say the third month that always seems to be popular to get married in is June! I say this because June 2022 is very popular for next year already! In June, you can have a mix of weather if in Columbus. It might be a perfect day in the 70s, or you could have a really hot day and it be in the 90s. By June, the flowers have all bloomed and all the trees have their color back. One of the best things about June weddings is the dreamy sunset portraits! There’s nothing better than golden hour in the summer. If you’re getting married in June, check out this post for some helpful tips!

Remember, wedding season is different in each state, and this particular blog is based upon my experience in central Ohio. The three months listed above are what I believe are the top months to get married in Columbus, so if you’re in a different area it might be different for whatever reasons. If you are in Ohio, and have decided to choose a date in May, October, or June, I highly suggest booking all of your vendors sooner rather than later since these months are in prime wedding season.

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