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Engagement Session Locations in Columbus

Oh hey, bride-to-be. This is such an exciting time in your life with all of the wedding planning going on! When my couples are ready to schedule their engagement session, I always get the question, “Where should we have our engagement session?” I’ve photographed many engagements, so I love to share my top favorite locations! There are so many beautiful engagement session locations in Columbus, from different parks to the incredible city views; there are just so many options! Let’s dive into my top 5 engagement session locations in Columbus…

Scioto Mile/Genoa Park

First up on my list is Scioto Mile and Genoa Park! I am a major city girl at heart, so if you’re like me and love the Columbus skyline, then this location will be perfect for you! Genoa Park is right behind COSI, and you can park right there, which is great for convenience. Believe it or not, the backside of COSI is dreamy! It’s like we time traveled to Europe. The architecture is something you would see in Paris, and it gives your photos a look of elegance! The steps leading down towards the river also make for a great spot to grab some photos. If you take a short walk, the Main Street bridge also has a dedicated side for pedestrians, so we don’t have to worry about traffic! One of my favorite spots along the Scioto Mile is photographing underneath one of the bridges! It’s very bright and clean looking, and sometimes these photos can be my favorite. Lastly, at this location is the cityscape in the background of your pictures. Check out some of my favorite images below from past Scioto Mile and Genoa Park engagements.

Engagement Session Locations Columbus
Engagement Session Locations Columbus
Scioto Mile Engagement Photos
Photos at Genoa Park

Everal Barn

The second location that I love for engagement sessions is Everal Barn in Westerville, Ohio! With this location, it doesn’t matter what season it is; it is always beautiful there. The outside of the barn is super cute! The barn is painted white, so it doesn’t look as rustic as other barns. There is so much to offer, including a pond with a small bridge, a weeping willow tree, and several brick buildings. If you decide to do your engagement session at Everal Barn, I suggest doing it at golden hour because we’ll be able to grab the glowing sunset for your pictures! One of the best parts about this location is that it’s usually not busy, and sometimes I get lucky enough to be the only one there. Here are a few pictures from an engagement session I did there last summer and back in February! Like I mentioned, super pretty in any season.

Everal Barn Engagement Session
Engagement Session Locations Columbus
Engagement Session Locations Columbus

Creekside Gahanna

Creekside Gahanna makes for another perfect location for an engagement session! You can get the best of both worlds at this location if you like nature and want an urban look in your photos. The first time I checked out Creekside Gahanna, I was a little blown away by how cute the area is! When you come up the stairs from the parking garage, you will see a small fountain, a few restaurants with adorable string lights, and a short walking bridge. There is also a walking trail and a creek that you can get in if you’re brave enough and want some fun pictures in the water! Not only do you get the best of both worlds with the nature and urban setting, but there is also an ice cream shop nearby, so we could always do some cute pictures with ice cream cones! Below are a few photos from an engagement session I did there last year!

Engagement Session Locations Columbus
Creekside Gahanna Photo Shoot
Engagement Session Locations Columbus

Short North/Top of parking garage

If you’re looking for more of an industrial or urban type of setting for your engagement session then the Short North Arts District would be perfect for you!! With the Short North area, there are several wall murals that people have painted that make for a fun backdrop. All of the arches at each intersection also look really cool in your photos, and yes, we will of course run out into the street to get a fun shot underneath one of the arches! There is a really pretty courtyard in the area that I found out about last summer and it’s super cute. With a water fountain in the middle and an ivy wall along the side of the building. There are so many parking garages in the downtown and Short North area, so there is always the option of heading to the rooftop of one. These pictures make for some epic photos with the city buildings in the background. Sometimes those can be some of my favorite images! Which sounds so silly because it’s just at the top of a parking garage, but believe me, it can be magical!

Short North Arts District Photo Shoot
Engagement Session Locations Columbus
Engagement Session Locations Columbus
Downtown Columbus Ohio Engagement

Inniswoods Metro Gardens

The last location that I would recommend for your engagement session is Inniswoods Metro Gardens. If you’re looking for just a good ole park to do your session at, then this is the location! Inniswoods is located in Westerville, and it’s a huge park! The best thing about this park is that there isn’t just grass and flowers. There are naturally intertwined arches, a cobblestone bridge, and several other enchanting areas. I would say the best season to go here is in the summer or fall. The park still works for photos in the winter, but just remember that everything will be dead. I have to mention that if we choose this location for your fall pictures, it will be jam-packed, more than likely! For instance, I’ve seen the parking lot closed because there are no more spots available, and it’s almost like the Hunger Games trying to get the perfect place for pictures! If you aren’t comfortable getting your photos taken in front of people, I would definitely keep this in mind. Here are just a few of my favorite images I have taken there!

Inniswoods Metro Gardens
Engagement Session Locations Columbus
Engagement Session Locations Columbus

So that’s my top five location spots! As I said, each location has something unique and different in each area. Your engagement session is something you should take seriously in your wedding planning process because this might be the first time you meet your wedding photographer. Choose a location that will represent you as a couple. For example, if you’re a big city girl, it wouldn’t make sense to do it at a rustic location. If none of these locations are popping out to you, then think back to where you two met, had your first date, or where he popped the question. If any of those spots are eye-catching, we can consider taking some photos there, as it ties your story together.

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