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What to Bring for Your Engagement Session

Engagement sessions are one of the essential steps in your wedding planning! You not only get amazing engagement photos, but you also get to know your wedding photographer and can get comfortable in front of the camera! If you’re looking to step up your engagement photos, you’re in the right place! Today I’m chatting all about what to bring for your engagement session!

Your engagement photos should represent who you are as a couple. You’ll want to be your authentic selves so that your photographer can capture you for who you are! I love it when clients ask me if they can bring props because my answer will always be yes! More than likely, these props mean something to you, so I love including them in your session. There are many props you can bring for your engagement session!

Bring Your Dog to Your Engagement Photos

If you’ve got a dog that you adore and want to include them in your engagement photos, do it!! It makes my photographer’s heart happy when my couples bring their fur babies to their session. Since I am a dog mom to a mini Goldendoodle, I am a huge dog lover. If you plan to bring a dog to your engagement session, my biggest piece of advice is to have someone else take it when we’re done. Since you don’t need your furry friend in all of your photos, I suggest starting or ending the session with your furry one. Have a family member or friend bring along your pup (and some treats), and they can assist. Once we’ve taken all the photos with your fur baby, they can go back home. And if you’re on the fence about bringing your dog for your photos, here are some adorable images to convince you!

Ault Park Engagement Photos in Cincinnati
What to Bring for Your Engagement Session

Wear or Bring a hat

Hats can be an excellent prop for your engagement photos! Wide brim hats work great for pictures. Sometimes, when you wear a hat, you can create shadows and lose the light on your face, which isn’t what we want. With a wide brim hat, you can tilt it back, and we won’t have to worry about light. Now listen, I am not a hat kind of girl, so if you aren’t either, you could still bring one and at least hold it! Here are some adorable engagement photos with hats!

What to Bring for Your Engagement Session

Bring a Bouquet of Flowers

Adding a bouquet of flowers is another prop consideration. You don’t need a huge bouquet, as just a small one will do. If you’ve already hired a florist for your wedding, you could ask them to make up a bouquet for you. But if you do not want to spend a bunch of money, you can always go to Trader Joe’s, Kroger, or a similar store. It sounds silly to get flowers from there, but they always have nice-looking florals! Not sure what a bouquet would look like during your engagement photos? Here are a few examples!

What to Bring for Your Engagement Session
Columbus Engagement Photos

Have a Picnic

A super cute idea for your engagement session is to have a picnic! Meet your photographer at one of your favorite parks for your photos, and bring all the goodies you’d include for a picnic. Make sure to bring a blanket, so you don’t have to sit directly on the grass and get your clothes dirty. You’ll want to bring along food as well, whether you pack food from home or carryout from your favorite restaurant. And what’s a picnic without a drink, right? This brings me to my next idea!

Pop Some Champagne

Bring a bottle of champagne to your engagement session for some fun photos! To wrap up the session, it’s always fun to pop some champagne. These photos show so much joy and bring natural smiles. I love seeing each couple’s reactions when they pop the bubbly. After the champagne has popped, then pour yourselves a glass. You can go back to your picnic set setting and enjoy a glass of champagne. It’s the perfect way to end your engagement photos!

What to Bring for Your Engagement Session

These are just five ideas of what to bring for your engagement session! You can always incorporate other things that might mean something unique to both of you. Remember, your engagement photos should fully represent the two of you! 

If you’re looking for a photographer to take your engagement photos, I’d love to be considered!

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