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What to Wear to Your Engagement Session

Woo Hoo!! You’ve booked your engagement session and are super excited, but now to figure out what to wear! This can probably be a little stressful since you’re picking out what you are going to wear, as well as your fiancé. In my blog today, you can find tips for picking out clothing suggestions to wear to your engagement session, along with a few inspirational pictures!

I always recommend that my couples wear two outfits. This will give you a variety of styles and colors in your final gallery. One outfit should be formal and the other should be more casual. Also a side note, during your outfit change I will photograph that gorgeous engagement ring of yours!

If you want to keep a light and airy look to your engagement photos, then I highly suggest you wear neutrals. This can be tans, blush, light pinks, faint blues, creams, grays and whites. Not only will they photograph lighter, but it will also give your images a more soft and romantic look! It’s fine if you wear other colors, but your photos may look a tad bit darker with a pop of color from your clothing. One important thing to take note of…make sure that you and your fiance wear coordinating outfits instead of matching! If both of you are going to wear white, this will not allow for contrast in your images.
Ladies, if you want a more feminine look, consider wearing a flowing, maxi-length dress or skirt! When you wear a dress or skirt it allows movement in your photos.

For the guys, it’s important not to wear any patterns that are smaller than a dime! Wearing a pattern like this can create a weird looking effect to your pictures, and I know you don’t want that. Make sure that you also avoid wearing graphic tees that might have any logos or sayings on them.

I know this can be tedious information to take in, but my hope is that this guides you to choosing the perfect apparel for your engagement shoot. I’m always up for my brides sending me pictures of their top three outfits and then I help them decide which one they should wear! I want my brides to know that I’m always here for them!
Here are some examples of what you could wear for your session.

Savannah, Georgia Engagement Session
What to Wear to Your Engagement Session
What to Wear to Your Engagement Session
What to Wear to Your Engagement Session

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