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I’m Lexi, a wedding photographer based in Columbus, Ohio, and I’m so glad you’re here. I’m a hopeless romantic with a big smile and a big heart for capturing incredible couples across the globe. I believe in capturing relationships in a timeless, romantic way while still having those effortless moments of joy in between. I value experience in life more than anything else, so it’s important to me to have a great experience for my couples that are undeniably in love. 



July 31, 2020

What Being an LRA Bride Means to me

When I sat down to write this blog, I wanted to share what it means to be an LRA couple. First off that means we get to walk this journey together. <3 The bride gets to call herself an LRA Bride. It might seem silly to have this title, but to me I think it’s pretty awesome! I want my brides and couples to feel honored that they get this title and be excited about it!

So let me share what being an LRA Bride means to me. She is someone who immediately becomes a friend. We connect in a way that I want her to know she can call upon me for guidance, if she needs. I enjoy supporting my brides by giving them any wedding advice I can share. Wedding planning can become stressful from the beginning, but it doesn’t have to be. With being a photographer and capturing many weddings a year, and with being in the event industry, I see, hear and read a lot about trends or situations a bride might need some direction. My brides can ask me questions about their wedding and get my opinion on what I think would be best for them. I’ve helped brides get in their wedding dress, assisted with their jewelry and calmed their pre-wedding nerves. As you can see, I’m passionate about being there for them as more than just their wedding photographer.

I get to be in the dressing room and see brides and bridesmaids, moms, sisters and friends be with her before this special lifetime event. I capture the bride and groom seeing each other for the very first time in their wedding attire, see their ring exchange and first kiss as a married couple. I get the honor to see them celebrate and love upon their family and guests who they’ve chosen to be with on this special day.

As the days, months and years pass by, I want to remain friends and continue to stay in touch with them and hear all about the exciting things going on in their lives. Being an LRA bride is special in my heart, but it’s just as special that they’ve chosen me to be right beside them for this glorious adventure!

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