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How I Got Into Weddings

It’s officially the last blog of the series, How I Got Started in Photography! This week I am going to talk about how I got into photographing weddings.

Let me first start out by saying that weddings are HARD work! Sometimes I wonder if people realize how much goes into weddings. This job of mine is photographing a couples biggest day of their lives. I am there to photograph everything from them getting ready, to their first kiss, family portraits, you name it and I will capture it! You can’t miss a beat in wedding photography.

About 4 years ago, I photographed my first wedding. If I’m being honest, I really had no idea what I was doing. But I thought it was a lot of fun! I wasn’t exactly sure how to market myself as a wedding photographer. Like I mentioned in the first blog of this series, I second shot a lot of weddings, took some classes, and watched some webinars to prepare myself to become knowledgable in the wedding industry. A couple years later,  I ended up with two weddings booked. Both weddings were amazing because my confidence in my work had grown, and I realized that these couples booked me because they trusted me. Last year I never would have imagined doing 10+ weddings!!

When a couple books me as their wedding photographer, I want to be more than just the girl behind the camera. I want to become their friend, become part of their wedding journey, and remain friends with them even after the wedding! It’s so important that a bond is formed between the couple and myself because most likely, I’ll be with the bride or groom more on the wedding day than they’ll be together, until the end of course.

It has been so much fun talking about my journey with my photography business! I hope that you’ve gotten a taste of just how passionate I am about my business. Starting next week, I’m talking about wedding planning!


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