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Wedding Album Tips

Your wedding photos are a beautiful replica of one of the biggest days of your life. You’ll look back on them throughout the years, and as your family grows, you’ll share them with your loved ones. But if you only have them on your phone, computer, or a flash drive, what more can you do with them? What do you want to do with your photos once you get them back from your photographer needs to be considered. Of course, as a professional, I understand the importance of getting those lovely memories printed out or in an heirloom album. Today, I’m sharing wedding album tips that you need to consider.

7 Wedding Photos you Must Have in Your Album

If you do not have your photographer go through your images to complete your wedding album, then here are seven photos that are “must-haves” for your album!

At the beginning of your album, I believe it’s meaningful to include a photo of your invitation suite. Your invitation suite is the first impression your guests will see, and it sets the mood for your wedding day. That way, if you lose your invitation, this will allow you to have a photo to look back on and remember how your invitation looked!

The second photo you need in your album is a photo from your first look or first touch. This is a moment on your wedding day that can bring lots of emotion because it’s the first interaction the two of you have on such a special day, so why not showcase it in your album?! If you’re not doing a first look or first touch, then you could use a photo of you walking down the aisle and your husband’s reaction.

This next photo might be a no-brainer, but your first kiss should be included as well! This is the moment that seals the deal and makes everything official! You are finally married! Any picture from your ceremony would work for your album.

Wedding Album Tips

The next photo I believe you should include is a family photo! If you’ve got a picture of both families together, choose this photo; if not, choose a picture of your family and then one of your husband’s. Family is forever, so why not include them in your album?

Wedding Album Tips

This next picture is a fun one! If you had your friends stand next to you, then include a big bridal party photo. My favorite is one where the bride and groom kiss, and then the bridal party cheers! I love this photo because it shows who was right by you on one of the biggest days of your life.

Wedding Album Tips

Next up is a formal picture of the two of you smiling at the camera! I always like to say this photo is more for grandma’s fridge because it’s so traditional, but I think it’s needed! Yes, all of those fun and romantic images are gorgeous, and you can use any of those in your album too, but sometimes there’s nothing better than a simple picture of the two of you smiling at the camera.

Wedding Album Tips

The last photo can go two different ways! If you are doing a special exit at your reception, I recommend using an image from this! If you’re not doing a memorable goodbye, then you can always use a picture of your first dance. Either photo represents the end of the evening, where people are having a fun time and celebrating you two!

Wedding Album Tips

How to Order an Album

Once you receive your wedding photos back, then you’ll go through and designate your favorite 25-50 images. I usually recommend that you pick 2-3 details, 2-3 getting ready, 3-5 first look, 3-5 ceremony, 1-3 family photos, 3-5 bridal party, 10-20 bride + groom, and 3-5 reception photos. After you have your pictures favored, you will need to choose a color for the outside of the album. I will send you all of your options to choose from, and once I have everything from you, I will get it designed! Once I have it created, I will send it to you to review. You can make notes of what you like or dislike or if pictures need to be changed. Once I have your approval, I will get it ordered! Typically, it takes several weeks for you to receive it, but it’ll be worth the wait!

How to Know if an Album is the Right Choice for you

If you’re still on the fence about getting a wedding album from your photographer, I understand. I’ve heard many brides say they will have the time to make an album themselves after the wedding. But that never happens because they get busy with life, and the album gets pushed to the back burner most of the time. It’s much more convenient for you to have your wedding photographer create it for you. If an album is out of your price range, I also give my brides the option to get high-quality prints directly from me that comes in a keepsake box. This allows you to still have your photos printed but isn’t quite as expensive.

I understand your concentration right now is making it through the wedding. But in your planning, consider the importance of an album. When I grew up, I loved looking at my grandma and grandpa’s wedding album! It’s so special to look through their wedding photos. That album of theirs is still just as remarkable today, 50 years later, as it was back then! Think about 50 years from now when you might have grandchildren, and they want to look through your album and what a unique gift that would be for them!

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