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Why Wedding Albums are Important to Me

Wedding Album

As a little girl, it brought me joy to look through photographs, whether of me and my family and friends or older pictures of my parents and grandparents when they were younger. I’d look through loose pictures thrown in a plastic tub or albums that candids were put into from vacations or celebrations. Obviously, my admiration for photos and taking pictures lead to my passion for being a photographer.

My grandparents have a love story of over fifty years. I absolutely adore their love and look at their relationship with the hope of someday having the same thing they have. Their wedding photographs were compiled into an album after they were married, and they still have it to this day. There have been times throughout my life when we’ve pulled it out and flipped through the pages. Looking through this album brings me happiness because I get to hear all the stories from that memorable day. As my grandparents glance through it, they reminisce back about that wonderful day!

Wedding Album

Being able to flip through the pages of this heirloom album is so special to me. My parents are divorced, but my mom still kept their wedding album. Even though their marriage didn’t work out, they loved each other and had me, and I will cherish that album forever. Years down the road, I will be able to look through my grandparent’s but also my parent’s wedding album.

Why I Offer Albums in my Wedding Packages

I believe it is so important for each of my LRA couples to have an album filled with their wedding photos. Once you receive your wedding photos back through your online gallery, you’ll share them on social media, print a few for your wall, or gift them to family members. Showcasing your wedding photos to your friends and family should be more than just opening your phone or computer and scrolling through. Imagine how special it would be to have a wedding album sitting on your coffee table and flipping through its pages. Yes, you might have the same pictures printed out somewhere in your house, but five or ten years from now, those picture frames will probably hold different photos.  

Wedding Album

A common thing I hear from couples is that they will make their own album. Although this might seem ideal at the time, let’s face it, you’ll possibly procrastinate doing it. You’ll get too busy after the wedding with your honeymoon, house projects, and enjoying the newlywed life. However, when you choose me as your wedding photographer, I do all the hard work for you! I create each album with emotions in mind. Yes, I want to fill it with all the pretty portraits of you two, but I want to tell the story of your wedding day from start to finish.

I don’t offer wedding albums just as an “extra” service. I have a true passion and desire for all of my couples to allow themselves the joy of having an album. On your wedding day, my hope is to capture your love story from start to finish, leaving no small moments missed. I’d love for each of my couples to have a marriage as long as my grandparents. Because fifty years from now, maybe your child or grandchild will be sitting down with you wanting to flip through your heirloom album. 

Wedding Album

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