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Columbus Winter Wedding Guide

Columbus Winter Wedding Guide

The weather in Ohio is starting to cool down, and winter is officially right around the corner! Winter is not my favorite season, and generally, it’s not common to get married in the winter months in Ohio; however, winter weddings can be gorgeous! If you’re planning a winter wedding, there are some things to consider. So, let’s dig into my ultimate Columbus winter wedding guide!

Columbus Winter Wedding Guide

If you live in Ohio, then most likely you know how miserable our winters can be. We can have snow, ice, freezing temperatures, and days without sun. However, winter weddings offer something different than your usual outdoor wedding. Winter is considered a slow season in the wedding industry, which can mean a few positive things for you as a bride! Often wedding venues will offer lower prices during the winter months! It can also mean that other wedding vendors have more availability. If you have your heart set on dream vendors, check to see if they all have the same date available for an off-season wedding!

Weather + Time

Be sure to be prepared for the weather. If you’re having a winter wedding, more than likely, your ceremony will be inside; however, you might get some pictures taken outside. I highly recommend getting a wrap or shawl for you and your bridesmaids. An extra special touch would be wearing a fur shawl to make the photos look even more elegant!

Columbus Winter Wedding Guide

In my years of being a wedding photographer, one thing most couples forget is the time change! Once the time changes, the sun sets around 5 PM, which of course, isn’t ideal. If you’re having your ceremony anytime after 5 PM, I highly suggest you do a first look! If you want your portraits outdoors in the natural light, you need to do them before your ceremony. By the time your 5 PM ceremony is over, it will be dark outside, and you won’t be able to have those light and airy, romantic photos. If you’re totally against doing a first look, then I suggest having an early ceremony so we can do all the photos afterward.

Decoration Ideas for Your Winter Wedding

I mentioned earlier how beautiful winter weddings can be. Picture this, there are trees all-throughout your venue wrapped in lights, candles everywhere, hints of gold decorations, and gorgeous florals. Twinkling lights can provide your wedding with an even more romantic feel. If it’s snowing or has recently snowed before your wedding, it’ll give an even better winter wonderland atmosphere! Just as a bride captures the sunny evening glow in the summer and the fall foliage in autumn, snow pictures can be sparkling and should be taken advantage of! The cold may seem a bit much at the time, but the photos will be so worth it!

Columbus Winter Wedding Guide

If you’re having your ceremony at a church, you can consider using their decorations! If the wedding is close to Christmas, more than likely, the church will be beautifully decorated for Christmas. This could be a money saver for you because of not needing to purchase decorations or flowers for the ceremony!

If you choose to provide a late-night snack for your guests, how fun would it be to have a hot chocolate bar?! You could have different ingredients for your guests like marshmallows, candy canes, and whipped cream! This is such a yummy idea!

When you go wedding dress shopping, consider getting a long-sleeved wedding dress. This would keep you warm, and you wouldn’t have to freeze! If you do end up getting a sleeveless or short-sleeved gown, I highly suggest you get a shawl. Consider a bold lipstick color for your makeup, whether it might be a deep red color or cranberry color.

Give off the Cozy Feeling

Let’s face it, there is a sense of coziness during the wintertime. You can continue this feeling for all of your guests at your wedding as well! If there is a fireplace at your venue, make sure to have it lit and decorate it with coordinated accents! Another way you can make your guests feel cozy is by utilizing long tables for everyone. Instead of your usual circle tables, this is unique, and everyone is closer together.

Columbus Winter Wedding Guide

A Toast to the Newlyweds

One last idea for your winter wedding is a champagne tower, especially if you’re having a New Year’s Eve wedding! A champagne tower is such a bubbly touch for your wedding reception. Not only is it a sparkling idea, but then all of your guests can grab a glass before the toasts.

Although a winter wedding isn’t usual, there are many ideas that I could go on and on about! I hope this Columbus winter wedding guide gives you some unique ideas for your wedding!  Happy Planning!

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