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Everal Barn and Homestead Photos

Everal Barn and Homestead | Nick and Gina

Nick and Gina’s Everal Barn and Homestead photos are some of my favorites that I have taken!! These two are such a sweet couple, and I was super excited to take some pictures of them!

We briefly met back in the summer at Franklin Park Conservatory! I was there photographing an engagement session, and I could tell this couple had just gotten married, and all of their family was there taking photos with their cellphones. While my couple was changing into their second outfit, they asked me to take a big group photo of them. I quickly took the photo and exchanged contact information with the bride, Gina! 

Gina and Nick had gotten married earlier that week, and all of their family came into town so that they could all enjoy the week doing fun activities and making memories! That big family photo was so important because everyone lives in different states, so they are never all together!! 

Once I sent over the photos, they were super grateful and immediately booked a session for just the two of them! The Everal Barn and Homestead is beautiful at any time of year, but it really shines in early autumn, so I’m glad we met there.

Their love story started in St. Louis. Gina was working at a bar, and Nick and his friends were there enjoying a drink. He caught Gina’s attention, and she thought he was super cute. He was thinking the same thing about her and ended up leaving his number for her. From there, the rest is history, and they’re now married!

It was great to officially meet Nick and Gina since our first meeting was so crazy and fast back in the summer!! I’m glad I could give them the beautiful photos they deserve and a great experience! 

Check out some of my favorites from their Everal Barn and Homestead photos!

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