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This week on the blog, I’m highlighting an AMAZING stationery artist who offers some unbelievable items for your wedding! Jes, from JesMarried creates wedding invitations, gifts, and wedding signage.

She specializes in what she likes to call a back-facing drawing. This is a drawing of a combination of people at your wedding; for instance, a bride and her mother. She would draw this up before your wedding day, so that you can gift it to your mom. How sweet and sentimental is that?!

Jes also does a remembrance drawing. This is a drawing of the bride with someone special that has passed away. So for example, the bride wants a picture of herself, her mom and her grandmother, but her grandma has passed away. Jes would draw the three of them together, and add a halo and wings to the grandma since she’s passed. This could be used for a memory table or on a chair during the ceremony.

Jes does a great job at providing this before the wedding. She does this by taking a picture of you in any wedding dress (it doesn’t have to be “the one”) and she uses this as her inspiration. If your mother has her dress already picked out, then you could grab a quick picture of it on the hanger and she’ll use that as inspiration for your mom. These drawings make for a great timepiece that you’ll always have to cherish.

When it comes to wedding invitations, she will create the invite, rsvp, and any other detail card you might need. On these cards, she can add any illustration you would like…the sky is the limit with Jes!! I’ve seen her add a drawing of the venue to your invitation, or a picture of your pet on your rsvp card. She will work with you to make sure your invitations are exactly what you desire! She wants to make sure that your invitations represent the story of you two as a couple. During the process of making the invitations, she will bring you along and share some fun behind the scenes picture over on her Instagram! One of the best things that she offers, along with the creation of your invitations, is putting them into envelopes and mailing them out. I know I certainly don’t like to do that, so that is an awesome add-on that you can take advantage of!

Another idea that you could have Jes make for your wedding day is a signature drink sign with a portrait of your pet on it! How stinking cute is that?! I know I would definitely want one with my Savannah girl!

If you’re considering hiring Jes to design your wedding invitations, it’s best to hire her 6-12 months in advance of your wedding, so the process is not rushed and she can let her creativity flow! The back facing drawings, as well as signage can be completed within one to two months.

Jes’ work is so incredible and I am blown away every time I see a new project that she is working on. One thing in her business that remains true is that her art gives people tears of joy by delivering a story of life that hasn’t happened yet.

Checkout some of her amazing work down below!

JesMarried signature drink
JesMarried back-facing drawing

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