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I’m Lexi, a wedding photographer based in Columbus, Ohio, and I’m so glad you’re here. I’m a hopeless romantic with a big smile and a big heart for capturing incredible couples across the globe. I believe in capturing relationships in a timeless, romantic way while still having those effortless moments of joy in between. I value experience in life more than anything else, so it’s important to me to have a great experience for my couples that are undeniably in love. 



August 27, 2020

Creekside Engagement Session | Meridith + Nate

Elated post😍…I am so excited to share my best friends engagement pictures that we took at Creekside Gahanna!! It makes my heart joyful to see my best friend as happy as she is. Creekside Gahanna was the perfect spot for Meridith and Nate’s engagement pictures! Let me share their love story.

Meridith and Nate went to the same high school. Since it was a small school, they knew of each other, but had never really hung out. Last year at a wedding I photographed, Meridith was also there because it was for one of our friends. About a month after the wedding, Meridith started telling me about this guy that wanted to take her out on a date. She agreed to go on the date and when she got home, she gave me all the details! Meridith could tell that Nate had cleaned out his car before their date, and he held the doors open for her (can you say bonus points!) Come to find out, the wedding that Meridith and I were at, Nate was also at the same wedding, but they didn’t even see each other! After they had been dating each other for a few months, Meridith and I were eating dinner and I remember her telling me, “I think he’s the one.”

I can’t wait to stand by Meridith’s side while she marries the love of her life in just a little over a month!! Enjoy these pictures from their engagement session <3

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