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Wedding at The Pickwick Place in Bucyrus, Ohio | Brent + Saraya

I took a break from blogging because my life has been nonstop busy. But I am so excited to finally get back into the swing of it! Saraya and Brent’s wedding day was back in June, and it was stunning!! It was a beautiful summer day, but thankfully it wasn’t too hot outside. Saraya was a captivating bride as she glowed like the sunflowers in her bouquet. Their wedding and reception were held at The Pickwick Place in Bucyrus, Ohio, as they were lovingly surrounded by family and friends. One of the sweetest moments from their big day, was during the ceremony when they filled a jar with different colors of sand for Saraya, Brent, and his three kids. This moment was so special because it was them becoming one family united. 

I was delighted to photograph their special day, because these two were so much fun! It was a memorable day as two became one. After their celebration, they honeymooned in Florida, and I was so happy for them, but slightly jealous!


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