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Hilton Head Island Family Vacation

Well another family vacation is in the books! We had so much fun even though the weather was super crappy. And I’m not even joking about that…it rained every single day. But, we all made the best of it. We played the game “Heads Up”. I don’t think I have laughed that hard in awhile. We also love watching the show Big Brother, so of course, we watched that when it was on! And if you watch this seasons Big Brother, then you might know that Tyler lives in Hilton Head! We asked our lifeguard that was near our condo if she knew him. You won’t believe her answer. She said that they have been really good friends for the past 4 years and Tyler actually lifeguards around the area we stayed!!!

We flew into Savannah, Georgia on a Thursday and we stayed at the Marriott on the River. The hotel was simply gorgeous. Our hotel room had a huge balcony that actually faced inside the hotel toward the atrium. On that next day, my grandma and grandpa were nice enough to drive me around Savannah so I could take pictures around the city. I mentioned to them that there was a location in Savannah that I have always dreamed of taking pictures, and they gladly took me there!! I was sooo happy to finally get to see how beautiful Wormsloe State Historic Site was. The only thing that was missing was a model! (So if anyone is down to travel to Savannah, Georgia, I am willing to whenever!)

On Saturday, we headed to our condo on the beach in Hilton Head. When I walked into our condo for the first time, it pretty much took my breath away because it was so gorgeous. We had an end condo, so you could see the ocean view from about every single room. Hearing the ocean waves crash is something that I love to hear. It is so calming and relaxing, and it’s almost like all of your stress and worries go away. We really didn’t get out and do much because of it always raining, but we did eat at some amazing restaurants! A few to name were San Miguel’s, Nick’s Steak and Seafood, and of course Salty Dog Cafe

It’s always hard leaving a fun vacation because then that means you have to go back to reality. We dreaded knowing that we had to leave, but we knew we had a flight to catch later that night. Before heading to the airport we headed to the Salty Dog Cafe to walk around, look at the shops, and eat at the restaurant. After that we headed to Harbour Town, and I quickly walked around to take some pictures of all the boats and the lighthouse. Once we were done running around we went to the airport early because we had nothing else to do and they have some quaint shops to look around in. We arrived around 1pm and were told that we couldn’t check our bags until 3pm, so we had to wait 2 hours. So while we were waiting we all get this notification saying that our flight had been delayed until 9:45 PM. The communication wasn’t the greatest, but we found out that they had switched our plane to a smaller one and that 14 people couldn’t be on the plane. After waiting 9 long hours in the airport, everyone was tired, annoyed, and we just wanted to be home. Our plane finally arrived and we took off at 10:15 PM and landed back in Columbus around 11:45PM. It felt so good to be home and see my dogs. Enjoy all of these pictures that I took from our amazing vacation! 🙂


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