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Nicole and Bob

I had the pleasure of taking Nicole and Bob’s engagement pictures a few weeks ago, and it was a lot of fun! They were actually my first clients up here at Bowling Green, which was very cool. Here is their cute love story!!

Their first date was in March of 2016, at a biker benefit in Delaware, Ohio. The way he popped the question is so cute! Bob snuck home early and had his assistant from work help with the surprise proposal. They were both hiding on the side of the house and when Nicole got out of the car, his assistant popped out of nowhere and said she had a very important message to deliver from Bob. Nicole was very confused by this. The assistant whipped out a candy ring pop and Bob appeared from behind the corner of the house. It all became clear in Nicole’s mind of what was happening. She raced over to him and he asked her if she would marry him. They hugged and kissed and were both overjoyed! He proposed with the ring pop because her actual ring was not done being sized correctly, but he still wanted to propose! She still has the ring pop to this day! 🙂 

Between the two of them they now have five amazing kids. The thing that they are looking forward to most about their marriage is getting to spend the rest of their lives together. During our shoot we did a walking away shot, and Nicole said it was like the start of their journey together. Here are their pictures from that shoot!


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