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Winter mini sessions

There’s something about snow pictures that make them look and feel magical. Over Christmas break I had been wanting to take someone’s pictures in the snow. Well it had started snowing, and I decided to ask on Facebook if anyone would be interested in a mini session. I had several people reach out to me that were interested and I was so excited!

My first family for the day was the Curtis family! They all looked so cute in their plaid outfits. Brittany and Scott both graduated from BGSU so we all had to talk about school and the changes there have been made to the campus. Addie told me that her favorite Christmas gift was a Wellie Wisher doll, and Parker’s favorite gift was different Star Wars things. Enjoy these pictures of the Curtis family!

My next family that I took pictures of was the Wells family. They have been my neighbors for almost six years. They have some very exciting things happening this year. Aleigha will be graduating in April from college, and Bryant will be graduating high school in May! And you can’t forget about Hailey who is now in third grade! The last time I saw her she was in preschool. Enjoy these adorable sibling pictures!

My last family that I took pictures of were the Utley’s. They are distant relatives of mine, and I am glad I could take these pictures for them! It was freezing cold out, but they were real troopers! Enjoy these pictures of an awesome family!!


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