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February Recap

I know February is the shortest month, but I really felt like it flew by! It brought a ton of snow to Ohio, but towards the end of the month, we started to warm up and see the sun a little bit! It’s always the best feeling when the sun is out and it starts warming up. As promised, here is my February recap!

Last month, I had the pleasure of having a few photo shoots that were so much fun! I had an engagement session for one of my 2021 couples that I can’t wait to show off soon. Also, I finally got my new 85mm camera lens and OH MY GOODNESS, I’m absolutely in love with it and so excited to see what magic it will create!

My pup, Savannah, had a pretty big month! She went to her first day at doggie daycare and she walked away with a stellar grade card saying she loved it. She met a new friend, and also got to have her first birthday “pawty” for one of the dogs there. You have to see the picture down below of her in a party hat! I also enrolled her in training, because Miss Thing can surely be sassy!!

I also planned a couple of trips that are quickly coming up! It has been over a year since I last traveled, so I was beyond excited to search flights, things to do, etc. I will be traveling to Florida and California in the next two months, so if you would be interested in a photo shoot while I’m there, contact me here!

The business that I started with my mom back in January has really taken off! It has been absolutely amazing and we are so excited with the response we’ve gotten. Helping other wedding professionals is so much fun and we love getting to assist them with tasks they are too busy for.

I hope you had a good February and are ready for a new month! Here’s just a couple of pictures from this month!



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