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The Reality of Pinterest

The Reality of Pinterest

Let’s face it, most everyone loves Pinterest. When you need a new dinner recipe, you go to Pinterest. When you want to see inspiration for decorating your bedroom, you go to Pinterest. And of course, when planning your dream wedding, you go to Pinterest. I mean I’ll be honest, I’ve probably been planning my dream wedding on Pinterest since I was 13! The reality of Pinterest though, makes your hopes and dreams really high. Having that fantasy wedding is awesome and typically every girls dream…but it can also be a let down.

I think using Pinterest to vision a color palette for your wedding or to gather ideas for your decorations for the reception tables is a savvy way to set the tone. When you are finding these inspiration images, save them to a special wedding board. Once you get a good idea of the overall theme of your wedding, then I suggest making a mood board for your wedding. You can easily create a mood board in Canva and choose 4-5 of your favorite pictures from your Pinterest board. You can even add a color palette to the board, as well as a few descriptive words to describe your overall wedding aura.

Once you have your mood board complete, then present it to the people who are helping you plan the wedding. When shopping for decorations, look at your mood board and see if these decorations are matching the overall theme. Remember, you don’t need to copy the exact pictures you like from Pinterest. You want to make this day yours! A lovely large floral arrangement, table number, and candle votive could be very expensive! There is nothing wrong with using these images and ideas to spark your wedding creation, but if need be, scale it down to fit your budget.

Your special day is a representation of you and your groom. I hope after you read this, you realize that Pinterest is a great tool to use for inspiration. But take that inspiration, and personalize it to make it yours!!

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