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My First Three Photo Shoots

Welcome to the second week of the blog series How I Got Started in Photography! In case you missed the first part of this series, I explained how I got started in my photography business, you can read it here. This week, I’m going to talk about the first three photo shoots I did seven years ago! I look back at these pictures I took and I chuckle because it’s crazy how much my photography has grown.

Mt first photo shoot I had was taking senior pictures of my neighbor all around Marion. I remember, I was so proud of the pictures I took, but some of the posing was awkward, and I really knew nothing about lighting back then.

The next photo shoot I remember was for a family in Marion, and honestly I’m not even sure how I got this job?! The way I edited this session is a little cringeworthy. Remember when the thing to do was edit a black and white picture but leave one thing in color? Yeah, that’s what I did a lot for this session.

The last session I remember was for all of my cousins. They were all under the age of 6 and it was a little challenging getting them to stay in the pose I wanted them to be in. But we made it work and got some pretty cute shots! There is one picture from this session that my Great Grandma loved and she always told me I should’ve entered it into a contest. It’s just a simple picture of all my cousins feet, but it’s an adorable shot. Hence the picture that you see above.

It’s easy for me to look back at all of my sessions when I first started taking pictures and laugh, but honestly I am beyond thankful for these people who gave me a chance. They somehow saw potential in me and believed in me. Seven years ago, I never thought my photography would be where it is today! My editing style has changed so much each and every year and I can’t wait to tell you next week about how exactly I nailed down the style of photography I wanted.


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