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My Grandma’s Birthday Celebrations!

On Monday, May 4, my family and I celebrated my grandma’s 70th birthday!! She is the sweetest soul anyone will meet, and she will help you with literally anything. My mom and I knew we couldn’t let this big birthday of hers just pass by without a fun celebration…from a distance of course! We put our thinking caps on and started thinking of ways we could make her birthday extra special.

We first surprised her in the morning with 2 cute balloon yard decorations by MiMi’s Party Zone & Balloonz, so people knew it was her birthday! My mom and I went over to my grandparents house and sat in the driveway so we could enjoy the sun shining and spend some time with the birthday girl. If only she knew what we had planned next! 😉 One of their friends walked by while we were out and asked if she was having a drive-by parade and my grandma quickly laughed and said no. (Ha ya joke was on her) A few minutes later, her family started driving by honking their horns, waving, playing the happy birthday song, and showing off the signs they made for her! She was definitely surprised by this, and it was so fun to see her reaction.

The next surprise we had planned though was definitely my favorite part of the day! Since we weren’t able to have a big party for her,  I got the idea to reach out to all of our family and some of my grandma’s friends and ask them to send me videos of them wishing my grandma a happy birthday. I was blown away with all the videos I got! I merged all of the videos together and it made for a wonderful 10 minute video! Some videos were absolutely hilarious, and some were heartfelt, and I knew my grandma was going to absolutely love it…after receiving it, she couldn’t stop watching it! We ended the celebration with birthday cake that my mom and I made. My grandma said this was probably the best birthday ever! I am so glad that my mom and I pulled off all of the different surprises for her. Enjoy these pictures from her birthday celebration!


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