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When Summer Plans Change

So as some of you might remember, this summer I was planning on moving to Savannah, Georgia to complete an internship with a wedding planning company. In fact, right now I should be making the drive down there to move my belongings and start this new adventure of my life. But, that’s not the case. Yes you read that right…I am no longer moving and will be staying in Columbus, Ohio this summer!

Unfortunately because of COVID-19, many spring and early summer weddings were postponed to a later date. Due to this, the hours needed for my internship were potentially not going to be met and there were many uncertainties. I was so excited to be moving to a city that I absolutely love, growing my photography business down there, and making memories with new friends. Yes, I am sad and a little disappointed that I am no longer able to move there this summer, but I know this was out of everyone’s control because none of us knew that we would be going through a pandemic. I am a firm believer in the saying, “everything happens for a reason.” But to be completely honest with you, I still can’t figure out why it was not meant to be for me to move. When I tell you everything about my decision to complete this internship out of state fell into place perfectly, I’m not kidding. It seemed like this was God’s plan for me. But clearly I was wrong, and I know that’s okay because His plan must be better!

One of the reasons I feel like I am meant to stay in Columbus this summer is because I’ve had to reschedule so many photo shoots. So now I get to continue to be available for all of my clients, and reschedule for sometime this late spring or summer! I am seriously so excited to get back out photographing my amazing clients!! I am also very excited because I will now be completing my internship at The Club at Corazon! This venue is seriously so pretty, and when you drive up to it, it doesn’t even feel like you are in the U.S. I am beyond thankful for them welcoming me and giving me the opportunity this summer even with everything that is going on!

Now that the word is out about me staying in Ohio this summer, I am excited to say that I am selling gift cards during the month of May! You can buy a gift card and use it for a later time. Click here to get your gift card!

I also am able to start photo shoots back up, so if you want to get on my calendar for sometime this summer, let’s chat!!


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