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Veronica and Patrick

Veronica and Patrick had a beautiful fall wedding in October, and it was incredibly hot!! Their wedding was at Cheers Chalet in Lancaster, Ohio. Their ceremony was emotional with tears running down everyone’s face. Patrick has an adorable daughter, Olivia, who absolutely adores Veronica. Olivia had a special note that she wanted to read, but she was crying happy tears and wasn’t able to read it. Veronica and Patrick gave her a sweet memory ring so that she’ll always remember this day. 

The venue had a dreamy wooded area, and the leaves were starting to change. When we were taking pictures, the sun was peaking through the trees and it made the pictures even more amazing! At sunset, we went back outside and photographed more portraits, and these were just as stunning!! I was thrilled that I was able to third shoot this wedding with my friend Becca from Sweet Williams Photography!


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