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February Recap

Can you believe February has come and gone.. It’s the shortest month of the year, but to me it almost felt longer than January for some reason! The bridal show at the end of January lead to many client meetings. I loved sitting down with brides and grooms and hearing all about their wedding planning. I welcomed several couples into being an LRA bride and groom, which is SO exciting! Speaking of which, I am only taking ONE more wedding for 2019!! So if you or someone you know is getting married this year and still need a wedding photographer, let me know. I love wedding talk!<3

Valentine’s Day.. I feel like you either hate it or love it. Personally, I’m not the biggest fan of it. So my friend Sierra and I decided to celebrate “Galintines” Day! We had so much fun! We made dinner from a Pinterest recipe called “Two Timin’ Pasta” and let me tell you, it was sooo good! If you’re interested in trying this recipe here is the link. Instead of watching a lovey dovey movie, we watched the movie Trainwreck. This movie had us laughing so hard!!

Last weekend, Sierra and I headed to the Dayton area to do some “top secret” business stuff. Okay…it really isn’t top secret, but we can’t tell you what we’re  planning just yet! But, if you’re a photographer reading this, just know that you WILL want to know all the details when they become available 😉 

Spring is almost here, and I am so ready for it! This winter has been tough, especially since transitioning down on main campus. Thankfully it’s gone well! Anyone else excited for spring?


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