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2018 Reflection

It’s hard to believe that 2018 is almost over! This year has been full of growth, wonderful opportunities, amazing clients and friends in the industry! When I look back and see where my business was at the end of 2017, it’s exciting to see how much growth there’s been in 12 months. There’s been times when negative thoughts came across my mind about my business. But, then I remind myself that I need to focus on all of the good and positive things that have happened this year!

I had several goals for my business in 2018 and I am happy to say that I accomplished all of them! I photographed two weddings myself this year and I also was second shooter for nine weddings. This year has definitely made me realize that I love wedding photography. Being part of that special day for a couple makes me so happy! I love capturing their joy, happiness, and the special love they share. 

There were late night editing sessions, editing dates at Starbucks with really good friends, and the occasional time of working in the car. I pushed myself this year and really worked hard on growing my business, and it paid off!

One of the things that I learned this year in my personal life was how to become happier. Transferring schools from BGSU to OSU was one of the best decisions I made this year. The classes at OSU were hard and took up so much of my time up, but I made it through. Something that I have learned during this journey of mine, is that I want to share with all of you what is happening in my life. I want to connect with my clients and let them know about what’s happening in my life. So with that being said, I have decided to change my major at Ohio State. My major will now be Hospitality Management, instead of Fine Art. You might be wondering why? Like I stated above, this semester was really difficult for me, and I tried my best at every single project that I was given. Even though I tried hard, I realized that I’m not good at art, and making things with my hands. My art specialty is photography! 

I have always had an interest in hospitality, as in being an event planner at a big resort or staying in the wedding industry. I am really excited to see what this will bring me! In the beginning of January, I will be moving into my own apartment with one of my best friends in Columbus. I am SO excited to finally live in Columbus, and see where my business goes. 

2018 brought so many good things to LRA Photo, and I am very excited to see what 2019 has in store! I can’t wait to serve my amazing 2019 couples on their wedding days! Enjoy some of these behind the scenes moments from 2018! <3 Happy New Years my friends!


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