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Being an Art Major is HARD

When I transferred to Ohio State from Bowling Green, my major changed from being technology based to art based, yet still focusing on photography. I wasn’t quite sure how that change would impact me. I’ve been taking 4 art classes this semester, and let me tell you, it’s been a huge change for me!!! 

When I was at BG, I had a lot of projects that involved staying up late to finish them, but I had close friends in those same classes, so we finished them together. I was told this semester could be tough because I’m taking drawing, 2D art, art history and art theory, but I was up for the challenge. Taking these four classes together is getting me caught up in my major, so in the end, it’ll be worth it. But when I signed up, I didn’t realize the amount of homework I’d have. The projects aren’t easy and require hours…LOTS of hours to complete. I’m finding I’m getting less sleep because of working so hard to finish a project. 

Between school, my photography business, and working for two other photographers, I am constantly busy. Most weeks I am so busy, I barely get to see my friends or family. Don’t get me wrong…I love having my own business and working for my bosses, but I’m very ready for a break from school. 

My responses to text messages, emails or Facebook messages might not be returned as quickly as I like, but my promise to you is I will get back to you. But I have realized that my school work must come first! I am so very thankful that my clients are so understanding and willing to work with my crazy schedule! Thank you for believing in me!


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