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Here’s to 50 Years!

I first want to start out saying I may get in trouble by writing this blog and showing you these pictures 😉  But I am totally fine with it because it is my Grandma and Grandpa’s 50th wedding anniversary today, and I wanted to share the pictures I took of them!! 

Like I said above, it is my Grandma and Grandpa’s 50th wedding anniversary and that is a milestone and something to celebrate!! I begged them for almost a whole month to let me take pictures of them for their anniversary. They finally agreed (like they had a choice 😉 ) and I am so glad they let me!! I will cherish these pictures forever. I think anniversary pictures are something that every couple should consider! They are super sweet and it shows the love that has blossomed since your wedding day. 

My Grandma and Grandpa’s relationship is something that I look up too. I want to find the same love that they share for each other. I asked each of them what they think the key is to having a long marriage is and this is what they shared with me. My Grandpa said that you always need to love and respect each other. When you have disagreements, you just need to work them out. My Grandma said that marriage takes a lot of work and that it is not always easy. But to overcome those things, you just need to laugh at each other and with each other. She said that they do that a lot. 

So with that, here are their 50th wedding anniversary pictures! I hope you enjoy them just as much as I do. And if you have ever thought about having anniversary pictures taken, I would love to set up an appointment with you!


  1. Bill says:

    Beautiful pictures, Lexi!

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