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Zach + Lauren Wedding

I am finally getting around to blogging Zach and Lauren’s beautiful wedding day!! Zach and Lauren’s wedding day was beautiful from beginning to end. I remember Lauren saying to me “this day is perfect and its everything I’ve dreamed of.” This made me so happy to hear because I get to see how perfect every couples wedding is, and capturing it from a different perspective as other guests. 

As part of the ceremony Zach and Lauren cleansed each others feet as a representation of their intimate commitment to each other and God. 

I got to know Zach and Lauren over the span of a few months and I enjoyed my time I got to spend with them. They are a great couple and their love for each other is endless. They both have a funny personality and I loved seeing them joke around with one another. At the end of their reception, Lauren asked me if we could stop by United Dairy Farmers to get ice cream and some more photos, and of course I said yes! We got a lot of looks from people, but it was so worth it for these cute pictures! Congratulations again Zach and Lauren! 


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