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Farewell BG

Well, my time at BGSU has officially come to an end. It is so bittersweet to say that. Although I am super excited to start this new chapter in my life, I am also sad to be leaving behind great friendships that I made. Enjoy some of these pictures of me and all my friends, including some phone pictures❤️ (Prepare to grab some tissues) 

Going into college and not knowing anyone is scary. Luckily, I had found an app before starting school and you could meet your future classmates. Although it sounds silly, that’s how I met 2 of my amazing friends, Dominique and Emily. On the first day of classes, Dominique and I walked together to class because we realized we had almost all of our classes together. We still to this day pretty much have all of the same classes together. That is definitely one thing I am going to miss. We can always complain to each other about the homework we have due, or a big project we don’t want to do, or even walking to our class and asking ourselves do we really wanna go?

 On move in day, Emily and I got to officially meet because we ended up living in the same hallway! Our friendship grew quickly from there. She came and visited Sierra and I over Christmas break last year, and she even came with me to one of my family Christmas gatherings. Sierra, Emily, and I all agreed we would continue the tradition of her coming to Marion every year (even when we’re 70) 😉I never knew that these friendships from some app on my phone would grow into the friendships I have with them now. 

On move in day freshman year, my roommate brought her friend Emelie over. We all went to the dining hall  to experience it for the first time together (we were quickly disappointed). Emelie and I both learned that we were in the same major and had a few classes together. I am so glad that we became friends from day 1 so we could continue our amazing friendship throughout these 2 years. We both have funny but yet sassy personalities, so when we’re around each other there is always some sass going on or a joke in our conversations. 

Spring semester of my first year, I met Ashley through a mutual friend. We hit it off and we were actually planning on being roommates, but things didn’t work out for all of us to live together. Luckily our friendship has continued and we’ve gotten 10 times closer! I can always count on her to have a fun time with. Through Ashley, I got to meet 2 of her amazing friends, Taylor and Lina. Taylor and I became such good friends these past two months. She is actually transferring to Kent State, but she promises me she will come visit me! Lina is the best because she opens up her apartment to me anytime we all want to hang out, and she always makes it feel like home 🙂 

And last but not least, Kait. We had a few classes together first semester of freshman year but we really never hung out just the two of us. This year, we became super close. We hung out pretty much 24/7. We were planning on living together next year, until I decided to transfer. Kait is actually transferring back home because just like me, she isn’t happy at BG. One of the best things about Kait and I’s relationship is that we both have a love for queso, and she is always down to go get Mexican with me. We’ve already discussed having FaceTime dates while we eat pizza and watch American Idol. 

I am thankful for all of the amazing friends I made. I’m going to miss the late night study sessions at 1 am that actually turn out to just be singing and dancing sessions. Or ordering food late at night when we’re hungry. From going to seeing all of these girls pretty much every day, to not seeing them for awhile is going to be tough. But I can’t wait to visit all of them! 


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